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At Craniums Learning Center we are here to meet the needs of you and your child. Whether your child is frustrated, struggling, or needing that extra motivation to succeed academically we are here to help.  Our personalized and individually tailored tutoring programs are designed to fully help your child succeed. If you are looking to ensure your child's academic success and a brighter future- Craniums and our staff is here to make that a reality.

Our mission is to ensure that every student can achieve their academic goals, be the best version of themselves as a student, and reach their potential. Students often need a flexible learning environment- outside of their normal classroom. This flexibility allows them to progress at their own pace and work from a strengths- based focus.  Identifying your child's strengths can help them achieve greater academic success.  

We offer a variety of tutoring programs and utilize online programming and 1 on 1 help to best suite your child's academic learning curve.

Contact us or come into our center and ask us about our center. We offer tutoring packages to make it affordable for any family. Help make learning exciting, engaging, and fun for your learner today!


  • Math
  • Summer Learning Programs
  • Dyslexia
  • Homeschool
  • Art
  • Writing
  • Homework Help
  • Reading
  • SAT/ACT Prep Courses

Math Tutoring

Is your child frustrated with math? Are their grades not reflective of their efforts? Our dedicated and expert tutors can help your son or daughter succeed.  At Craniums, we are here to help your child develop the skills that can make math fun!  We recognize that building a solid foundation in mathematical operations is fundamental, in order for a child to succeed. Whether your student needs help catching up, extra practice outside the classroom, or developing skills to get ahead in algebra, geometry, or other math areas- we are here to help. 

Personalized Tutoring If your child is becoming increasingly frustrated with math and falling behind or simply failing to grasp foundational concepts, it might be time to consider tutoring to help improve math skills and boost the students' confidence. Craniums can help make math relatable to your child and help them achieve success in the classroom and beyond.  Here is what you can expect from our personalized approach.

  • Personalized lesson plans specific to your child's academic needs,
  • Results! Growth in math scores and improved grades to help your child reach their academic goals.
  • Tailored assessments to show your child's academic needs.
  • Support from our dedicated tutors to provide the guidance your child needs to make math fun and easily understood. 
  • Locally relevant math curriculum to help improve classroom success and improve test scores. 
  • Sharpened math skills to help complete homework.
  • Expert math tutors that use methods found in the classroom.
  • Advanced math and test prep for students on a fast track to master new skills and achieve greater success.
  • Affordable plans for any budget to make your child's academic success a reality. 

Writing Tutors

Are you in need of an experienced tutor?  Whether it is to help keep your child from falling behind or them needing extra help to get ahead, Craniums is here to make that happen.

Personalized Tutoring (K-12)

Whether it is basic syntax or college essay writing, tutors at Craniums are here to help. We can help fill in writing-based skill gaps and build the confidence necessary to help take the frustration out of learning.  Here is what we offer:

Improved classroom performance and effective writing skills. We help your child focus on the mechanics of writing, as well as, the process of composing and revising their work. At Craniums we are dedicated to improving your child's scores, and align with college and career readiness standards to prepare your child for future success.

Academic coaching to boost and improve skills for writing related homework and tests.

Strengthen core skills and help your child keep up in class.

Advanced writing and test prep for help in crafting that perfect college essay that stands out and improved composition skill set.

Build on developing skill-set with hands on writing practice.

Grammar and basic phonetic skills to help with writing and composition.

Competitive hourly rates that make tutoring affordable on any budget.


Break For Art

Art can prove to be an essential part of the educational process and can help students express themselves!  At Craniums Learning Center we believe in educating the whole student. So we are doing just that! We offer Art Classes every 1st and 3rd Saturday and offer Individual and Group Classes.  Call us today to enroll.

Come Paint With Us!


Reading can be challenging for any child. Whether it is reading for content, comprehension, or improving your child's vocabulary- Cranium's is here to help.  Our focus is to create a tailored approach to your child's unique needs. We offer the DORA┬« assessment, DIBELS assessment, and the Phonemic Awareness assessment to identify gaps and tailor a program specific to your child's needs.

How We Can Help

Conduct an assessment to identify the learning gaps and strengths of your child.

Specialized equipment and technology to help your child learn at their speed.

Build a personalized learning plan to help your child progress.


Craniums Learning Center is proud to announce that we offer  Dyslexia and HomeSchool Programs.


Traditional schooling not helping your child reach their potential academic success? Craniums is now offering Home School!

Maybe your child is already homeschooled and there are subjects that they are falling behind in or are not your expertise.  Craniums is here to help.

We provide:

Licensed Teaching Staff to create and teach core subject matter

Curriculum Development

Programming is affordable 

A new and different approach to learning

3 Days a week for full time enrollment and 2 Days a week for specific core subjects

Enroll your child today before space fills up.


Craniums Learning Center is happy to now provide dyslexia tutoring.  Let our certified dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia Specialist help work with your child today. Dyslexia is about more than just reading letters backwards. It is more than just messy handwriting.  Our dyslexia curricula is designed with your child in mind. By providing various approaches, tailored to your student's learning style. We are here to help! Contact us today to find out how we can make your child the most successful he/she has ever been and  build the confidence for continued success today, tomorrow, and in the future!



Provide your teen with a competitive edge over their peers with one of our Craniums SAT/ACT prep courses.  Through a combination of small-group instruction and independent study; your child can improve their scores. Our goal is to help your student master the skills they need to improve their scores and be competitive in today's college landscape. 

Your Teen Will Learn:

Study Tactics for Effective Test Taking

Elevate College-Level Vocabulary

Enhance Math Competency and Skills

Give The Confidence They Need to Be Successful

Program Tailored to their Goals

Interactive Computer Programs and Online Testing